A safe and dynamic market

Increase in the London property market

♦   London is now more than ever perceived as a safe haven to invest in due to its stable and independent currency  LINK

♦   London is now considered the capital of the world, having overtaken New York also in terms of cultural, artistic, sport and international glamour and events  LINK

♦   London is the world financial capital LINK

♦   London is a magnet of international wealth. Its policies of equality and meritocracy are able to attract investors of all nationalities and tiers

♦   Official forecasts predict a strong growth of the London population to 13 million people in 2050 (about 100,000 new residents each year). This growth, which will of course increase the already existing gap between the high demand for properties and the limited supply of the same, will facilitate a price increase of the real estate investments in the coming years  LINK

♦   London is a dynamic city of over 9 million people and continues to grow. Its 5 international airports make it the largest global air traffic hub. At the same time London is also one of the cities that offers the highest standards of living thanks to its safety and its dynamism. London is one of the greenest capitals in the world with approximately 30% of its entire surface covered by prestigious public parks and private gardens: Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park are just a few examples.

♦   London is the most visited city in the world by international tourists  LINK

…furthermore, why a property in London?

♦   Ease of management of the property.

♦   Ease of letting out the property, whether it is a family home or an apartment.

♦   Ease of disinvestment as the market is very liquid and dynamic.

♦   Tax rates generally much lower than in other European countries, both on individuals and corporates, and particularly favourable to foreign investors.

♦   Future forecast are in favour of high capital appreciation of the real estate investments (historical average for the last 10 years: about 10% per year).

♦   Limited bureaucracy and collaborative government authorities.

♦   Strong pro-owner law, not pro-tenant.

♦   Stable government and laws aimed at encouraging foreign investments.

♦   Generally, the costs of purchasing and maintaining a property in London are lower and the income higher than in other European countries.

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